Baroque meets Metaverse in new exhibition in Rome


Art and future technologies can co-work on shaping the art world together.

A bold statement considering fears that AI is getting too big for its boots, but an experimental exhibition in Rome’s Palazzo Cipolla has run with the idea, by juxtaposing artworks from the past with digital, VR and AI creations. This weaves a common thread between the Baroque and the Metaverse.

Visitors are invited to swing between the real and digital worlds at ‘Metaverse Hypothesis’, where the works of 32 historical and contemporary artists from across the world are displayed in a strange composition; past and future, material and immaterial, Baroque and Metaverse are placed next to one another.

(The exhibition) testifies that the artist survives despite technological changes in society… Man will prevail.

Artworks of De Chirico, Balla, Boccioni, Vasarely, Piranesi, and Escher are being brought into dialogue with site-specific works of innovative digital artists, such as Refik Anadol, Krista Kim, Primavera De Filippi, Feileacan McCormick and Sofia Crespo – who are considered pioneers of digital art,…

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