What are NFTs, and how are they shaking up the art world?


Peter Schiff Wrestling with the Angel by Trevor Jones (Trevor Jones)

In 2021, Scotland-based painter Trevor Jones sold his NFT painting, The BitCoin Angel, for the equivalent of £2.4 million.

And now, two years later, the artist is collaborating with the Evening Standard for a new commemorative art piece to mark the coronation of King Charles III, available as an exclusive free NFT for Evening Standard readers.

First created in his Edinburgh studio by Jones as a physical painting, The Oath depicts the grand jewels of St Edward’s Crown — which was also worn by the late Queen Elizabeth II during her 1953 coronation — in vibrant brushstrokes. Once digitised into an NFT, the final work reveals a multi-layered world of animation, all inspired by the gravity of the Coronation as an iconic event in the UK’s history.

However, rather than being purchased using crypto-currency like many other NFTs, readers are able to obtain an NFT of The Oath with only an email address and at no expense, in hopes of increasing accessibility to this growing area of the art world.

The Oath will be…

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