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Five Questions Startup Investors Must Answer In 2022


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Despite all the disruptions of 2021, it was a good year for startup investors. A recovering economy, booming tech sector, endless dealmaking, and lots of investment capital fueled plenty of investing opportunities despite the pandemic’s continuing impacts. Just as importantly, there’s still plenty of room for optimism heading into 2022, despite all of January’s stock-market mayhem.

That market mayhem, combined with several maturing technology trends, a winter Covid resurgence, tougher regulatory oversight, the Great Resignation, and other changes will require new strategies for success in 2022, though. It won’t be enough to throw a wad of cash at a decent idea and walk away, expecting later investors to cover up any mistakes with late-arriving “dumb” money. Here are my thoughts on five big questions that will shape where I’m putting my money in the new year:

1) Address the war on talent with good salaries

Compensation and retention are already gigantic headaches for companies, whether they’re startups or Fortune 500 giants. I’m just glad I’m not a CEO anymore….

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