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Carevo is using blockchain technology to optimize medical record retrieval in Indonesia


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A single hospital visit can generate a lot of paperwork, including medical records, prescriptions, invoices, and more. These printouts are often not organized well, and patients or their caretakers need to keep track of them in case they’re needed in the future. While there are solutions that digitize these records and offer access through online portals, Indonesia-based startup Carevo is taking it a step further to utilize blockchain technology to store them.

By the nature of blockchain technology, the records stored by Carevo are immutable. Carevo operates on a private blockchain using proof-of-authority, an algorithm that delivers consensus based on the identity and reputation of validators. Only individuals who are approved to join the network can write data to the chain. This data is anonymized and encrypted, so no other entities are able to access it unless they have the permission of its owner.

This means each Carevo user can access and present their medical history to medical professionals when needed.

Carevo’s service solves a crucial problem in Indonesia’s…

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