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Microsoft’s Minecraft Goes Web3 With ‘NFT Worlds’ on Polygon


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The sandbox-style video game Minecraft, released back in 2011, is getting a Web3 update thanks to a few developers unaffiliated with Microsoft.

NFT Worlds is a project built on third-party Minecraft servers with a Polygon-based overlay. Polygon is an Ethereum sidechain which offers lower gas fees (i.e., transaction fees) for users. NFT Worlds’ blockchain layer on Minecraft will allow players to access Web3 features, such as an online shop where they can buy items for their Minecraft experience using the $WRLD ERC-20 token.

Some of Minecraft’s software is open source, meaning that anyone with the right technical knowledge can build upon it. And Minecraft doesn’t have an established economy like competitor Roblox, which has a robust virtual marketplace and its own (non-crypto) digital currency called Robux. NFT Worlds gives players a metaverse experience in an existing game, which is big news for Minecraft fans and NFT collectors alike.

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