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Metaverse and blockchain tech are parts of this online school curriculum- The New Indian Express


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Express News Service

BENGALURU: A completely online Bengaluru-based school is the first to announce the integration of web 3.0 technology to help encourage students to be more creative. 21K School, headquartered in Bengaluru, has around 3,000 students from 35 countries.

From the next academic year, the school will introduce metaverse and blockchain technologies, like Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), as ways to help students learn and create. “Whenever someone creates, be it music, art, podcasts or apps, it’s a big deal for us and we want to encourage this,” said Santosh Kumar, school CEO and co-founder. 

‘Data will help identify learning gaps in students’

“We decided to convert kids’ creative projects into NFTs, which they can access in the future. It will be a new experience for them as well,” said Santosh Kumar. The use of a virtual reality environment will help make teaching and learning more fun and engaging for students, he added. The school is ahead in terms of technology, being the first and only completely online school.

Students are…

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