NFTs with Real-World Benefits, Setting A New Standard

Royal Society

The world of NFTs is exploding in so many ways. Images are selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars (and more) every day. Full collections that come with the hope of something bigger for their NFT owners are bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars for their creators every month. Young adults, teenagers, and even people with no experience are spending a few hundred bucks and earning thousands in days buying and selling non-fungible tokens- it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

In this virtual-land rush, people are grabbing every NFT they can, regardless of its background. In a lot of ways, this strategy could backfire and hurt the industry as many people realize the money they’ve spent is gone forever and cannot be recovered because they bought an image with no benefits or real-world utility.

The key to a successful NFT project centers 100% on the utility of the NFT. It’s not just about holding a cool image that you may identify with and want as your profile pic; it’s also about the underlying benefits you can get or can earn by being an owner of that NFT.

The Royal Society [] is launching its first NFT collection this week and this project has more utility (real-world and metaverse benefits) than any other collection we’ve seen.

Royal Society has 12 collections planned, starting with the Elite Elephants. Each collection is supported by the ROYSY cryptocurrency token – newly minted on the polygon blockchain. Royal Society is currently working on applications for listing on public exchanges. Every NFT holder will be able to participate in ROYSY token airdrops as well as collection success bonuses. Royal Society is also developing a mobile app with community and member features. NFT holders will be granted verified profiles, as well as be given access to special groups and community features.

In addition to the mobile app, Royal Society is building a metaverse property where the company will build a castle with grounds accessible to all NFT holders. The grounds will also host virtual events such as meet-ups and exclusive concerts. Events and get-togethers are a big part of the Royal Society benefits package, including the anticipated ROYSY Week, to be held at the Star in Frisco Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys, including several days of networking events, banquets, and motivational seminars with well-known speakers, athletes, and celebrities.

Another benefit is the partnership with Flag Media. Royal Society NFT holders will be granted free article placements every month in popular publications such as Crypto Times Register, Global Business Daily, and Futurist Journal. Members can use the article placements to place feature stories for individuals, executives, and their businesses, which presents an enormous benefit for promotion, credibility, authority, recognition, and engagement.

Royal Society is working with numerous other partners, athletes, and celebrities to provide additional benefits. These will be announced on social media and on the royal society websites.

The Royal Society‘s goal is to make this benefit-rich rollout a new standard in NFT projects; showing people that there can be (and should be) real value in their NFT ownership. At the time of the writing of this article, it is estimated that with all of the benefits plus the ROYSY token allocations, the value of owning a Royal Society NFT at launch is approximately 35ETH. The first mover NFT drop of 225 Elite Elephants are online at OpenSea for 3ETH each [].

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