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Bitcoin Dipped to $41K as Crypto Markets Shed $100 Billion in a Day (Market Watch)


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Bitcoin continued to lose value in the past 24 hours and dipped toward a five-day low of under $41,000. The altcoins are also in the red once more with substantial price losses from Ethereum and Solana, while ATOM is the only one in green again.

Bitcoin Slipped Below $41K

On February 28, bitcoin initiated its largest daily green candle in over a year by surging by about $6,000 and touching $45,000 after the US and most other Western nations said they will not get involved in the Russia-Ukraine war directly.

After that, BTC even spiked above the aforementioned line briefly and registered a new 3-week high. However, it failed to conquer that level decisively as the bears returned to the scene.

In the following days, the cryptocurrency started to lose value gradually, resulting in a price drop below $41,000 hours ago. As of now, the asset has reclaimed some ground and stands above that level, but it’s still down by approximately 4% on a 24-hour scale.

Consequently, its market capitalization has slipped beneath $800 billion. It’s worth noting that the metric…

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