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7 Fintech Best Practices when Implementing Email Archiving


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Email archiving is common among financial services companies, which must retain all business emails for several years under regulations from the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and other agencies.

However, companies outside of the financial services industry can also benefit from an email archive. Archived emails can be invaluable in the event of legal proceedings. An archive is a repository of tribal information, which can support HR functions and act as a source of business insight.

Because of its potential value, an email archive must be set up properly. By following email archiving best practices, a company can ensure its archive functions properly and serves its purpose effectively. For instance, some companies may assume that their email platform serves as a default archive. However, even  common platforms such as Office 365 don’t always come with long-term archiving capabilities.  A smart, proven approach is therefore essential to maintain a useful archive.

1) Consult with legal team to remain compliant

Various businesses and industries are governed by different

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