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Aharon Bernal’s Blockchain Platform Heralds New Equitable Era in E-Commerce


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Today’s e-commerce is characterized by the dominance of large online retail companies like Amazon, Alibaba, Wayfair, eBay, and others. With Amazon holding over 40 percent of the US online retail, it remains the principal sales channel for small- to medium-size sellers. By virtue of their market share, Amazon and the like own their customers taking a disproportionately high cut of the sales price and imposing their rules. The inequitable treatment results in opportunity costs for sellers. 

Realizing it was time to bring justice and more equitable terms to online trade, Aharon Bernal, an active seller on the Amazon marketplace and an avid proponent of blockchain technology, created Safex.Market, a viable e-commerce alternative for small businesses. The fact that Safex.Market is based on blockchain makes it unique; it is able to offer its participants terms that are more benefiсial than those offered by…

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