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Q2 launches Helix brand – LendIt Fintech News


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Helix, a fintech-focused BAAS by Q2, hosted an unveiling on March 4 for the team at the New York Stock Exchange.

The rebrand was the coming-out party for a fintech onboarding branch under construction for three years that had already built out a suite that reached 11 million consumers through a volume of $20 billion in transactions.

“The idea was that a Helix, Is that framework, the building blocks of life, and it makes up all of us,” Ahon Sarkar, GM of Helix, said. “We wanted to be the Helix of finance, the framework to take accounts, cards, payments, data, controls, and build unique products around people. 

Instead, Helix offers an ecosystem of options, all in one place, already in use at big-name fintech platforms, like Acorns or Credit Karma. Sarkar said the team focused on making finance human with a cloud-based core DNA customizable to any consumer-facing fintech.

Three years into the pandemic, Wall Street at the NYSE was still emptier than usual. | Kevin Travers

The problem with banking core

Sarkar said the problem…

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