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NFT from UkraineDAO, an ally in the war with Ukraine, which no one expected


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November 2021 ConstitutionDAO was at the top of current technology news. It was about one decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) who wanted to raise millions of dollars in cryptocurrency to buy the last original copy of the United States Constitution. The group didn’t reach its goal, but the thousands of people who took part and the millions of funds raised showed the impact that DAO can make. Now the blockchain has reached the Ukrainian war, already defined as world “first crypto war”, with the project UkraineDAO and his NFT Ukrainian flag.

The initiative generated a lot of talk after it raised 2,100 Ethereum, equivalent to around €5.5 million, in the NFT’s yellow and blue flag. The amount was used for come back alive, an organization that supports the civilian and military population of Ukraine. Behind the initiative is pussy riotdigital art studio Trippy Labs and team PleasrDAO.

Campaign crowdfunding put DAOs and NFTs at the center of the war in Ukraine. More importantly, this is the first fundraiser of this magnitude to support an armed conflict….

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