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Curtin University’s R&D Blockchain Lab Partners with Envision to Design and Deliver the Smart Contract Platform


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Envision is a decentralized stock content platform where ownership is signaled by non-fungible tokens.

Envision Partners with University

The Research and Development Blockchain Lab at Curtin University of Technology has partnered with Envision Stock, a decentralised platform for marketing and purchasing stock content leveraging smart contract and blockchain technology to provide proof of ownership.

Curtin’s Blockchain Research and Development Laboratory will assist in developing and testing the blockchain infrastructure underpinning Envision, which will include the set up of the ERC 1155 NFT tokens providing proof of ownership over content, associated smart contracts, deployment and management of blockchain nodes, NFT integration with the frontend and with decentralised file sharing systems such as IPFS. Additional services will include smart contract optimization and scaling to reduce gas fees, as well as multi-faceted testing including unit testing, integration testing, acceptance testing and whitebox penetration testing.

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