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NFT domains solve existing blockchain barriers and preserve user privacy


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Everyone knows about cryptocurrency. Mainstream tokens such as bitcoin and Ethereum have swept the financial world, showing people that money can be intrinsically owned and transferred without arbitrary control from big banks and agencies.

Beyond just the currencies themselves, non-fungible tokens and other digital assets — built atop the same blockchain underpinnings — are making up what’s known as Web3.

“I think that what’s been happening in general, this whole revolution around cryptocurrencies and then NFTs,” said Bradley Kam (pictured), co-founder of Unstoppable Domains Inc. “And what Unstoppable Domains is doing is all around creating this idea that people can own something that’s digital. What we’re working on is like a decentralized identity, like a username for Web3 and each individual domain name is an NFT. It’s been a crazy ride over the past 10 years.”

Unstoppable Domains is creating unique addresses on blockchain networks that serve as user identifiers for use cases like sending money, accessing user profiles and accessing content. 

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