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Irregular shapes that fit the Canvas impress art lovers in Dubai – Newspaper


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KARACHI: From their perch in one corner of the Bawwaba gallery, a Paki­stani artist’s creations have inspired wonder and amazement in the hearts of visitors to Art Dubai 2022.

Wardha Shabbir’s creations, vivid in colour and vibrantly imaginative, are the flagship displays at the Canvas Gallery’s display at the prestigious art extravaganza, which concludes today (Sunday).

Bawwaba, which means ‘gateway’ in Arabic, “serves as a portal to discovery of works created in the past year or specifically for the fair, offering visitors a curated reading of current artistic developments acr­oss wide geographical scopes across “The Global South”, via ambitious solo artist presentations,” accor­ding to the festival’s own website.

It is no surprise, therefore, that a Pakistani artist’s creations fit right in.

Art circles and international media have nothing but praise for the Canvas Gallery’s booth at Art Dubai 22.

Art News, in an article titled ‘Top 8 Booths at Art Dubai’, praised the artist’s efforts, highlighting: “This Lahore-based artist deftly…

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