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Royal Society is Set to Takeover


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Royal Society isn’t your everyday NFT, sure the art competes with all of the top collections out there but the ecosystem that The Royal Society is building is second to none. It starts with the NFT art/collection but the roadmap under which holders of the NFTs gain access to a constantly expanding array of products, services, activities and experiences that aren’t available anywhere else in this space is their secret sauce. That’s what sets this team over the top. The majority of the revenue from the initial and subsequent NFT sales are fed right back into the brand, in order to support further projects/partnerships, which in turn will drive up the value of the NFTs themselves for all of the owners. Their constantly growing ecosystem is set to explode.

For example, The Bored Ape Yacht Club, which Royal Society has drawn numerous comparisons to, connected their series of NFT images to a membership in their online community. It all started with a set of chat rooms and has grown into the powerhouse it is today by providing high-end merchandise, social events and even real life yacht parties for their NFT holders. 

Royal Society learned from other top projects and took the next step in order to connect their community along with everyday NFT enthusiasts. 

Royal Society is currently in the process of releasing their very own Royal Society mobile app. This will shake up the NFT space like no other. A true NFT social network without all of the unnecessary outside noise. All Royal Society NFT owners will have added perks along with verified accounts within the platform. Staking and passive income will be made available in connection to their ROYSY token. The more pieces you own, the more you earn. NFT owner-only benefits within the app will also include merchandising perks, upcoming events and much more! Royal Society is here to disrupt how NFT collections operate and are ready to take over the space. The benefits they offer make owning the associated NFTs more valuable. Almost paradoxically, the collective benefits in the value of ownership comes in a form that helps separate the value of owning the NFTs, from the purely financial opportunity of buying and reselling the pieces. Additionally, everyone who has experience in this space knows that crypto markets can be volatile and the surrounding regulatory frameworks are still being sorted out. These market swings can affect the demand for NFTs which again emphasizes the importance of building partnerships to boost the utility and other sources of direct value for NFT ownership, which The Royal Society does better than most any other collection in the space. Owners will have to worry far less about their NFT being useful regardless of the market’s outlook. 

Whether people like it or not, NFTs are the future and it’s not so distant. Regardless if you’re new to the space and are looking to get your feet wet or have been trading NFTs since day one, Royal Society is a project that should be on your radar. A previous article that has been written on this growing collection stated that they are setting a new standard for NFTs and it’s very apparent that they are doing just that. Finding projects that can truly explode is generally difficult but Royal Society is making that an easy task for us with all of their innovative approaches.

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