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Pixel Debates is taking P2E to a New Level!


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From the makers of PixelPOTUS, Pixel Games, brings you a brand new play-to-earn (P2E) game that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in this space! Why just sit around with your friends/colleagues and debate? Instead, new players can enter the world of PixelDebates and earn $PXL tokens  (a native tezos based token that is used as in-game currency and can be converted to XTZ via an exchange) while also collecting numerous unique NFTs in the process. Simply put, PixelDebates is an NFT-powered trading card game themed around presidential debates. Use your favorite Presidents and learn all of their different strengths and weaknesses!  Once you become a player, the goal is to collect and build a deck of NFT tactics cards. Players then use those same cards in debate battles where they can earn $PXL tokens. 

PixelDebates has two separate experiences setup for their users. The first is obviously the NFT collectible cards..To build their collections, players are encouraged to visit PixelDebates.com in order to claim a free random Tactic Fragment each and every day. Aside from the free daily Tactic Fragments, players will have the option to claim additional randomized Fragments for a fee. Fragments are then needed to be forged into full Tactics once all of the fragments for that specific tactic are collected. Players are then able to use these tactics in the strategy game described below. There is also a set marketplace that is integrated within the system where players can trade and/or sell their tactics to create a deck that best suits their approach.

The second experience is the strategy card game where players then use the NFT Tactics that they have collected. Players will compile their NFT tactics into a 15 card deck and then the players are set to engage in battles/debates with other players in the game. Whether you’re someone who wants to win by swaying the crowd, frustrating your opponent or if you prefer to win by pure logic, the player is able to operate freely to build an approach that suits them best. Aside from the online player vs player option, PixelDebates offers the options to play versus the computer. Playing vs the computer can be done in practice mode or in the incredible campaign that Pixel Games has built out. In their campaign mode, players are set to face off against a series of POTUS champions with specially designed decks. The players must go through and defeat each and every POTUS champion before ultimately winning the campaign mode and becoming eligible to claim their treasure prize. Players that lose a particular debate along the way in the campaign mode, are given the option to restart within the same day for a small fee, otherwise players must wait until the next day. In PixelDebates’ practice mode, players are able to build out a deck of playable cards that they can use versus the computer, although this won’t be a deck that they are able to keep for themselves in online or campaign play but it’s a great way for players to see what they like using before buying the cards. 

In PixelDebates’ online player versus player mode (PvP), players are randomly matched with one another and must debate each other by deploying the set tactics they have collected from their deck and countering the tactics their opponents are deploying against them. The overall goal of the game is to exhaust your opponent’s “Fortitude”, which is their health points (HP), before they can exhaust yours. To make these player versus player battles somehow even more exciting/interesting, all players have the option to stake their $PXL tokens when the matchmaking begins. If the $PXL tokens are staked, the winner of the match receives up to 95% of the combined stakes! How cool is that? The percentage of the staked winnings vary based on the cards that the players have in their collection. Let’s say the winner of a player versus player battle owns an epic PixelPotus card or any card that is of high rarity, then they get 100% of their stakes back along with 80% of the stakes from the loser. Otherwise if there are no epic rare cards owned, the winner gets 90% of their stakes back and 80% of the stakes of the loser. The rest is distributed among the PixelPOTUS holders of unique and legendary cards, with unique POTUS holders getting 5% of the total stakes (winner + loser stakes combined) of each game, and the rest distributed among legendary POTUS holders. 

Pixel Games is continuing to shake up the play-to-earn space and will undoubtedly be the standard for P2E games. The Beta release is scheduled for March 31st! 

Learn more about PixelDebates and future Pixel Games! 

Pixel Games website: https://www.pxl.games

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixelpotus

Discord community: https://discord.gg/A7YRd9YsDs

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