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Bitcoin Is the Chief Coin In Charge of a Digital Financial Revolution


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  • Smart money buys the Bitcoin (BTC-USD) dips with confidence.
  • Early adopters have won and will continue to partake in excellence.
  • It’s all going digital so hop on the bandwagon.

Source: Sittipong Phokawattana / Shutterstock.com

The argument over whether Bitcoin (BTC-USD) is fake or real will probably never end. Meanwhile active investors already transacting in BTC-USD have opportunities that the others cannot match. This is a statistical fact not an opinion. I judge it by how well it has performed in the last 10 years. Meanwhile the basket of critics is still massive, but therein lies a massive upside opportunity in the long run.

Eventually the doubters will have to capitulate and learn what cryptocurrency is all about. By then the early adopters would have a gigantic advantage in knowledge and perhaps crypto assets. There is simple logic to support this argument, and it’s already happening in other areas. Most aspects of our lives are migrating towards becoming digital. The question the is why would money be any different?

In fact, there have been baby steps towards…

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