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Most fintechs partner with banks; Varo became one, and says it’s paying off


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Last month, Varo Bank celebrated the two-year anniversary of obtaining its national bank charter. The move made Varo the first-ever all-digital nationally chartered U.S. consumer bank.

The startup launched its banking services in 2017, aimed at making younger consumers comfortable doing all their banking online. It has raised nearly $1 billion since its 2015 inception and was valued at $2.5 billion at the time of its last raise in 2021. Its backers include institutions such as Lone Pine Capital, Warburg Pincus and The Rise Fund, as well as U2’s Bono and NBA player Russell Westbrook.

Today, the startup competes with Chime, Current, N26, Level, Step and Moven, among many others. Varo’s step to obtain a charter separates it from the pack in that rather than partnering with a bank, it became one.

A lot has happened since Varo took the complex, and costly, bank charter route. I caught up with Colin Walsh, the company’s chief executive and founder, to get an update.

This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

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