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Android Users Cost 50% Less Than iOS, Activate Accounts 2X More Frequently


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New fintech customers onboard via mobile apps at half price on Android compared to iOS, according to a new report. Despite that, they’re twice as likely to register an account in the app.

The average cost to acquire a new app user in the fintech space via advertising dropped from $2.45 last year to $2.33 this year: $4.35 on iOS, $2.09 on Android.

Of course, getting an app install is the easy part. Converting that app install into an actual sign-up is harder, and activating that sign-up into a customer who deposits money, purchases insurance, or transfers crypto is much more expensive. According to the report by app marketing company Liftoff, only about 20% of app installers actually sign up, and only about 11% actually activate their account (full disclosure, I co-host Liftoff’s Mobile Heroes Uncensored podcast).

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