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Blue Chip NFT Raffle Project ‘Bored & Lucky’ Joins Yuga Labs IP Ecosystem


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As the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) continues to reign the NFT space and going well beyond towards the mass adoption, we see the rise of projects using the full potential of renowned jpegs – as BAYC owners have full intellectual property rights over their NFTs. Recently the ecosystem has attracted a lot of big names that utilize IP offered by BAYC, like Snoop Dogg and Eminem who smashed the VMAs rocking their ape personas like nobody’s watching.

A Fair Chance to Win a Blue Chip NFT

Now the Yuga Labs IP ecosystem is joined by the Bored & Lucky, the world’s  first Bored Ape raffle platform. The platform offers everyone a fair chance to win blue chip NFTs and join some of the most exclusive NFT-gated communities in Web3, like BAYC, MAYC, and CryptoPunks.

How it works

The whole process is fully transparent – all Bored & Lucky raffles are Ethereum smart contract based. The NFT prize and the funds received from the ticket sales are locked in the contract and the only way to release them is via a raffle process that is 100% fair for all parties involved.


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