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Decentralized Blockchain Solana Surpassed 100 Billion Transactions By CoinEdition


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Decentralized Blockchain Solana Surpassed 100 Billion Transactions

  • surpassed 100 billion transactions.
  • Solana is at block height 137,069,392 with 3,718 TPS and has a slot time of 496ms.
  • The number of daily transactions made by Solana grew to 40 million during Q2.

Solana surpassed 100 billion transactions on September 22. At the time of writing, Solana is at a block height of 137,069,392 with 3,718 TPS and has a slot time of 496ms (1 min average).

Source: Solana

Solana started its operations two years ago and has become increasingly popular in the DeFi and NFT space. With the network providing cheaper and quicker options, Solana has become one of the competitors for .

According to Nansen’s State of the Quarter Report, Solana’s daily transactions grew during the second quarter (Q2), reaching a total of more than 40 million daily transactions compared to around one million transactions per day on Ethereum between April and June.

Moreover, Solana’s daily non-vote transactions displayed a considerable increase in volume as compared to Ethereum, despite having higher…

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