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How GameFi Discovery Platforms will Make Blockchain Gaming Mainstream


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Ever since GameFi eagerly went into popularity, investors and gamers alike wondered when will the eventual mass adoption of Web3 games come to pass. But, an often overlooked factor to enable the mass adoption of GameFi are Game Platforms.

Blockchain gaming has grown significantly throughout the years. In just a year, Blockchain gaming users has increased by 2,000% from 2021, leaving NFT and DeFi markets in the dust by sheer users. However, despite its success so far, it’s no secret that the end goal of the GameFi space is the encapsulation of the entire gaming industry. In other words – mass adoption.


The game reportedly allowed users to earn as much, if not more, than what players from third-word countries earn from their living. This has even prompted certain users to quit from their day job in hopes of pursuing Axie Infinity full-time. The monetary incentives coupled with enjoyable game mechanics were a major factor in the increase of its users.

Web3 gaming arguably went mainstream, almost achieving its dream of mass adoption, during the Axie Infinity craze. The…

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