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How AI Transformed the Art World in 2022


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The AI community has a new obsession. It’s called ‘generative artificial intelligence’, and it refers to the idea of having computers take over creative tasks such as writing, filmmaking, and graphic design. 

2022 will definitely be remembered as the year when the renaissance of AI art began. AI art generators are paving a new path towards the freedom of artistic expression. In an extremely short period, they’ve allowed everybody with internet access and a keyboard to generate incredible art from simple text prompts.

Considering the current state of things, it’s too early to tell whether this new wave of apps will end up costing artists and illustrators their jobs. What seems clear though is that these tools are already being used in creative industries.

Let’s have a look at how AI changed the art reality.

  1. Google’s Imagen released

In May, Google showcased how ‘Imagen’, a text-to-image diffusion model, is able to create images based on written text or words describing a scenario.

Imagen still needs to improve in generating art that…

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