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The future of blockchain and DeFi in India


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Today, India stands on the verge of a historically momentous time, where we can witness the emergence of innovative technologies that encompass the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/ VR), among others. These industries are evolving at a tremendous rate, fostering innovative business systems, payments, and efficiency models.

Among these revolutionary technologies stands blockchain technology at the forefront. Blockchain is often muddled with cryptocurrency and is usually conversely used, but a substantial difference between these two needs to be comprehended. It’s a fact that cryptocurrency is one of the initial applications of blockchain technology.

Blockchain has multiple use cases that work on a smart contract whose successful implementation comes at a cost. This technology has radically changed many industries and transposed their way of functioning. It’s clear that blockchain is here to stay.

Blockchain technology has a very impactful effect on the fintech industry when it comes to transparency, credibility, security, accessibility, effective cost, etc….

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