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The ex-Goldman Sachs trader still bullish on Blockchain jobs


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Sami Sørensen, founder and CEO of metaverse provider IoTAL – and ex-Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank trading VP – is optimistic about the future of blockchain.

Blockchain is intrinsic to the future of the internet, Sørensen says. “Web3 is not about crypto. It is about data-rich physical and digital experiences,” he explains.

He predicts that Web3 developer jobs, using languages like Solidity and Rust will remain in demand as the internet evolves and smart contracts become the norm. “I assume that most corporates will build a web3 team with 2-10 dedicated developers”, Sørensen predicted last month. “That compounds fast.”

“Banks will compete with luxury, retail, and traditional software companies for a small pool of talent,” he says, pointing to the importance of smart contracts in a Web3 future.

Smart contracts are essentially “normal” contracts that know how to execute certain clauses when market conditions become favourable to them – Sørensen gives as a basic example a smart fridge. It can be programmed to order, on your behalf, more milk once it…

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