The best iPad for Procreate in 2023


The best iPad for Procreate can take your digital art to the next level. Procreate is a digital graphics editor, and unlike some applications that are designed primarily for PCs and laptops and offer a scaled-back mobile app, Procreate is designed first and foremost to be used with an iPad.

When buying an iPad for Procreate, you should bear in mind that the latest version requires iPad OS 15.4.1 or newer, so you need an iPad that is able to run that software. If you’re unsure, don’t worry, as every iPad in this guide will be able to run Procreate. It’s also worth pointing out that some features in Procreate, such as FacePaint, require certain additional specifications to work. In this case it’s the A12 chip or a TrueDepth camera. While most compatible iPads will have this, the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 are unable to use FacePaint.

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