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Top Three Cryptocurrencies – Ethereum, Decentraland and Big Eyes Coin


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2022 has not been the best year for the crypto ecosystem. It does not, however, mean that the market will not recover. Before it recovers, it will be best to take long positions on certain cryptocurrencies. In this piece, we’d be discussing three cryptocurrencies with great utility available at a discount.

Ethereum Bites Back

Bitcoin changed many things about payments and drew wide attention to decentralization. Particularly, Vitalik Buterin was also intrigued by the idea of decentralization. He co-founded the blockchain protocol, Ethereum.

After the hack was caused due to a flaw in the DAO built on Ethereum, the protocol was splitted. It was split into Ethereum Classic and Ethereum. In the following sentences, our focus will be on Ethereum.

Ethereum is an open-source network with smart contracts functionality. Developers use it to run smart contracts and build decentralized applications. Enterprises also use Ethereum to build distributed applications.

The founders of Ethereum thought if payments could be decentralized, why not make the web decentralized? They created a…

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