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Nick Knight + @Uglyworldwide drop a series of genre-defining, photorealistic avatar NFTs.


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[Final Form] ikon-1 wears Alejandro Delgado [Omteotl Dress Color] styled with Masha Batsii [Sugar Rider] accessory, [JOHN] beat by Jazzelle and Eugene Souleiman [Cornucopia]

Nick Knight has dropped a series of genre-defining, photorealistic avatar NFTs once again pushing the boundaries of image-making. In collaboration with model and Instagram star Jazzelle Zanaughtti/ @Uglyworldwide.

Nick Knight + @Uglyworldwide NFT review

The collectable artworks feature digital fashion, make-up, hair, and nails by a cohort of over 40 innovators, degens, and mavericks at the forefront of fashion’s digital future. Personally curated by Knight and Zanaughitti the collection features over 200 unique traits that have been produced to curate 8,000 one-of-a-kind artworks. Styled by Zanaughtti themself, further allowing them authorship over their image and personal style preparing each avatar for its metaverse editorial debut.

Nick Knight + @Uglyworldwide drop a series of genre-defining, photorealistic avatar NFTs.
[Final Form] ikon-1 wears Romain Gaulthier [Anemone] top

Fashion needs to change. And the digital world is fashion’s future, in my opinion. Traditionally
photographers consider…

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