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What AI art means for society, according to Yale experts


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Jessai Flores, Illustrations Editor

For “AI artists,” the art-making process involves figuring out what string of words will generate the best image — not what colors to mix or brush strokes to try. 

Even the artistically challenged can produce decent, sometimes deceptive, images using artificial intelligence text-to-image generators. In a survey of 504 Yale undergraduates, respondents could tell if art was AI-generated or human-made an average of 54 percent of the time.

Yale experts — from artists to AI researchers to legal scholars — weighed in on the impending effect of AI art on society.

How does AI generate art?

Artificial intelligence is designed to simulate human intelligence through computer systems. Programmed to synthesize information, recognize patterns and make decisions, these systems can complete tasks associated with human intelligence.

Current AI…

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