7 Questions for Artist Daniel Canogar, Whose New Work Teases Out the Connections Between Textiles and Technology


Multidisciplinary artist Daniel Canogar’s (b.1964) work centers on—and is often made of material from—the technology we interact with every day. The artist’s solo show, “Daniel Canogar: Loose Threads,” opened this week at Galloire, Dubai, and is on view through February 24, 2023. Using the history of textiles and fabric as a starting point, Canogar has created a body of work that highlights the parallels between these mediums and digital technology. Screens have become a near omnipresent facet of contemporary life, and Canogar employs them as a core medium in his work, not simply as a mount or framework for digital projects. In his most recent works, some screens have even come off the wall and into three-dimensional space, entering viewers’ physical space in a way not commonly associated with digital or projected works. Overall, Canogar’s oeuvre proposes a new way of understanding art and technology.

We reached out to Canogar to learn more about how his practice developed and his new show at Galloire.

Daniel Canogar, Abacus (2022). Courtesy of Galloire,…

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