Actor and Filmmaker David Bianchi Previews His Web3 Series ‘RZR’


As Hollywood continues rolling out the red carpet for awards season, another red carpet rolled out Monday night for Web3 as actor and filmmaker David Bianchi invited celebrities and guests to attend a public table reading for his upcoming series, “RZR.”

“I am absolutely convinced that within the next three to five years, everything that we interact with from music, film, intellectual property, even information systems will be somehow tethered to a blockchain mechanism,” Bianchi says.

Table reads are a signature part of the film and television development process, offering the cast, crew, and creative team a chance to hear the script read aloud. These reads typically happen behind closed doors on a soundstage. Bianchi said this was something he wanted to change.

Inside the RZR Table Read

What’s unusual about this [table read] is we’re making it public,” Bianchi told Decrypt at the event. “In the spirit of decentralization, we’re doing everything out in the open; I am very confident in the material, I’m very confident in all of my partnerships,” he said.


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