Firm Taps NFTs to Token Gate Bars, Bathrooms at Mardi Gras


Finding a decent bathroom amid the chaos and revelry of Mardi Gras can be tricky. But this year, when you gotta go, at least one venue in New Orleans will be happy to let you use theirs—if you have the NFT pass.

Several perks offered as part of a new Mardi Gras-themed NFT collection coming later this week from New Orleans-based Web3 venture studio NieuxCo include food and drink as well as access to special events, private parties, exclusive performances, and restrooms along the parade route.

“Nieux Society members used this cutting-edge technology to create a collective vision for Mardi Gras while utilizing NFT technology to provide holders exclusive access, benefits, and an ongoing invitation to join us on our journey to help New Orleans’ realize her full creative potential,” Tim Williamson, Co-Founder and CEO of NieuxCo, said in a press release.

NieuxCo’s Mardi Gras-themed NFTs are a collection of 5,000 AI-generated digital collectibles.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are digital collectibles showing proof of digital assets’ ownership, including videos, music, memberships,…

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