Mastercard: How Cloud Technology Is Revolutionising the Payments Landscape


Payment providers are under more pressure than ever to adhere to customer demands, facilitate real-time payments and do so with no space for error. And as the benefits of fintech innovation become ever-more accessible, a striking number of providers are turning to the capabilities of the cloud to deliver what their customers really want. 

James Bushby, senior vice president of real-time payments strategic sales, Mastercard

On this note, James Bushby leads a narrative here that examines the highs and lows of mass cloud adoption in payments.

Bushby is currently serving as Mastercard’s senior VP for real-time payments, and here he leverages his position within one of the world’s leading cloud innovators to detail the considerations of cloud adoption within the wider payments landscape.

Furthermore, Bushby examines how cloud technology is supporting markets’ move to real-time payment systems and the impact this has on key areas of the market, such as privacy:

How cloud technology is revolutionising the payments landscape

In the last decade, we’ve seen a huge rise in the number of…

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