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The Lensa App Isn’t Stealing Artist’s Work, But It Could Have Serious Repercussions » TwistedSifter


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If you’re even tangentially connected to the art world, you’ve been hearing a lot about AI art, AI creating art, AI ripping off artists, and the like.

And while the Lensa app isn’t technically stealing anything, the art it’s creating will likely shake up the art world for years to come.

AI technology has started to shake up visual culture across the board, and of those taking the online world by storm, Lensa just might be the slickest app we’ve seen.

It’s started to run into trouble, though, as more and more artists – like Kim Leutwyler – are claiming they recognize their own style in the portraits it produces.

Even if these artists are feeling as if the heart and soul of their work has been stolen, copyright law technically disagrees.

Lensa is a streamlined and customized front-end for a Stable Diffusion deep learning model, which uses a…

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