Critical Hit? Dungeons & Dragons-Inspired Web3 Game Pivots Amid NFT Ban


When leaks about an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons license shakeup surfaced earlier this month, many fans and creators were aghast at apparent changes that could limit their ability to make derivative games, shows, and other content.

But ultimately, NFTs proved to be the biggest target—concerning news for Web3 gaming company Gripnr, which was building a project that attempts to capture the allure of the fantasy-themed tabletop smash for a new era. Now the firm is changing course as it becomes clear that D&D’s parent company wants nothing to do with NFTs.

For over two decades, the current version of the D&D Open Game License has enabled fans and companies to create content compatible with the storied tabletop experience by borrowing certain elements—such as game mechanics—via a System Reference Document. 

Even though Wizards of the Coast recently removed some of the more onerous conditions—including mandated royalties—of the new license following considerable backlash, the license’s newest iteration remains steadfast in prohibiting D&D’s content from being integrated…

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