Crypto industry leaders ‘scared of a strong SEC’ — Senator Warren


United States senator and crypto skeptic Elizabeth Warren wants the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to “double down” on its crypto enforcement efforts, highlighting that the cryptocurrency industry is running “scared” for what’s to come next.

Warren’s comments came during an interview with the American Economic Liberties Projects on Jan. 25.

The senator opined that since Gensler was sworn in as SEC chairman in April 2021, the Commission “has made a good start” on fixing some of the problems created by the former SEC leaders under the Trump Administration.

Senator Elizabeth Warren wants Congress to deploy more authorities and resources to help the SEC crackdown on the cryptocurrency industry participants. Source: Reuters

Warren claimed that the previous SEC administration “essentially gave the green light” to open up a cryptocurrency market “full of junk tokens, unregistered securities, rug pulls, Ponzi schemes, pump and dumps, money launderings and sanctions evasions.”

But that’s now being cleaned up under Gensler’s leadership, which has industry…

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