Embedded finance startup Method raises $16M


Method, an Austin-based embedded debt repayment startup, has raised $16 million in Series A funding led by Andreessen Horowitz, Ryan writes.

Why it matters: Embedded finance APIs are becoming more sophisticated and enabling fintech developers to offer new applications to end users.

How it works: Method has built tools for developers to embed loan repayment, data, balance transfers and automation into their apps.

  • It gives developers access to a wide range of end-customer liabilities, including student loans, credit cards, auto loans, mortgages and utility bills, all through a single API.
  • The firm manages identity verification by tapping data from credit bureaus and wireless carriers to connect consumers to related accounts and liabilities without requiring them to enter user credentials.
  • It also built an automated payment system enabling fintech developers to streamline debt repayment in their apps.

Between the lines: Method founders Jose Bethancourt and Marco del Carmen got their start building GradJoy, a consumer-facing app to help people pay off student loans.

  • Along the way, they…

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