Ethos Wallet raises $4.2 million to build applications on the Sui blockchain


Ethos Wallet said Wednesday that it had raised $4.2 million to hire more developers, help it build more applications for the Ethos Wallet, and create a mobile app.

Cofounder and CEO Nadia Eldeib said part of the money will also be put toward contributing to the fledgling Sui blockchain, founded by former employees of Meta’s project Libra, by adding developer tools and infrastructure to the wider ecosystem.

Eldeib said the forthcoming mobile app will help Ethos Wallet reach customers where they really are, and will build on the company’s existing Google Chrome extension.

“The wallet shouldn’t be limited to just a Chrome extension,” Eldeib told Fortune. “You really want to think about how are people interacting with their digital lives and how do you facilitate that?”

The company also plans to continue to add to its fully on-chain game Sui 8192, which is similar to the popular sliding tile puzzle game 2048. Ethos’ game, though, exists as a dynamic NFT, with all moves in the game recorded on the blockchain. Because each iteration of the game is an NFT,…

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