How artist duo Thukral and Tagra contrast natural with the digital in their latest show, Arboretum


The concept note of artist duo Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra’s new show, Arboretum, starts with the question – ‘If a tree falls in the Metaverse, does it echo and shake the earth?’ The note (and the show) further takes the viewers on a descriptive journey across a series of photorealistic paintings of green foliage and flowers layered with pixels and glitches – presenting an interesting amalgamation of nature’s splendour with the digital world’s omnipresence, further highlighting how we interact with and consume our environment in the digital age.

Explaining the concept of their latest show, Tagra told, “The works look into the idea of consumption of nature in these times of newly found intimacies with technology. How our ways of consuming the environment, by clicking pictures, have become a part of the hourly experience.”

Thukral and Tagra is a Delhi-based contemporary art duo that aims to always push the boundary of public engagement and art. Previously, the artists  — who have worked in the mediums of sculpture, paintings, interactive…

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