How can convergence of AI, IoT and blockchain drive digital disruption


AI, IoT and blockchain are among the exponential technologies fueling the next wave of digital transformation. They have the potential to improve current business processes, creating new business models, and disrupting various industry sectors. They bring ‘feeling, thinking, and remembering’ – three of the most wonderful possibilities of human endeavor to the digital world – feeling through IOT sensing, thinking with AI algorithms and remembering through blockchain registers.

While AI, IoT and blockchain might have developed independently, the convergence of these technologies in today’s scenario cannot be overlooked. It can not only enhance development of new business models but is revolutionizing the way humans interact with the world.

Together they unlock each other’s potential

Traditional IT systems have evolved in terms of interactions, information processing and computation, making it ideal for AI, IoT and blockchain to work in cohesion. IoT provides a touchpoint for data exchange and real-world interactions, blockchain provides the infrastructure while AI…

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