NFT collector sues OpenSea for locking account after being scammed


A nonfungible token (NFT) collector is taking legal action against the OpenSea NFT marketplace for several allegations, including being locked out of his account for more than three months after being a victim of a phishing scam. 

OpenSea user Robbie Acres told Cointelegraph that after his NFTs were stolen through a phishing scam, he immediately reported it to the NFT marketplace. However, the NFT collector claims to have met a lot of difficulties. Acres explained that:

“They took over 48 hours to respond, by which time the stolen assets had been sold as the buyer significantly undervalued them in prioritizing pace over value.”

Additionally, the NFT marketplace also responded by locking his account to prevent further damage. However, according to Acres, it was not the solution he requested. “OpenSea held my assets ransom for over three months despite repeated demands to unlock my assets,” he added. The investor also claims that OpenSea required him to perjure himself with a statement to unlock his account.

One of the two stolen NFTs. Source: Robbie Acres

The NFT investor…

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