Amazon Plans on Entering the Crypto Space Through NFTs


The world’s largest online retailer,, Inc., is preparing to launch a project utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Those familiar with the situation claim (1) that the NFT project, also known as the “digital assets enterprise,” would make it possible for Amazon to concentrate on blockchain-based games that award players with NFTs.

It is anticipated that the NFT effort will get off the ground as early as this spring, in April.

Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon, was quoted earlier saying (2) that he believed in the potential of NFTs and that the business may start selling them. He also mentioned that Amazon would continue to support crypto currency transactions.

Andy Jassy said:

“I anticipate that non-traditional trading will continue its extremely considerable growth. I do believe that over time, you’ll see crypto get bigger, and Amazon will likely start accepting crypto payments. However, we’re probably not near to adopting crypto currency as a payment method in our retail business.

It would appear that now is the appropriate moment for the Amazon NFT platform.

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