Beware These NFT Scammers on Twitter, On-Chain Sleuth Warns


The popular on-chain sleuth ZachXBT recently called out two growing Twitter accounts for perpetrating multiple NFT-related scams over the past month. 

The analyst explained the timeline of events on Friday, including their sudden rise to prominence and the rug pulls they’ve managed to pull off. 

Calling Out the Scammers

As outlined in the analyst’s Twitter thread on Friday, Twitter handles @radako and @Fitz_lol suddenly began using NFT profile pictures and tweeting about NFTs at the end of last month. 

Though both accounts appear to have joined Twitter years ago, their follower accounts skyrocketed by tens of thousands within the following weeks. Radako, for example, grew his follower count from 2,806 to 47,021 between December 18 and December 26, while Mr. Fit’s followers grew from 6,496 to 32,793 between January 3 and January 11. 

ZachXBT believes these accounts were either sold or stolen, explaining the sudden turn of events. 

“Shortly after they began making cringe Tweets botting the engagement and promoting 6+ rug projects they create,” he…

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