The coding language you need for a big salary in London fintech


Are you a software developer looking to get into fintech? Perhaps you’ve heard of the massive salaries they pay to their top engineers. Well, in order to get the biggest salaries of the lot, the coding language you pick matters.

A fintech edition of The Financial Technologist has conducted a salary survey of fintech employees in the UK and US, revealing the average pay for different coding languages at different seniority levels.

In the USA, pay is largely the same, but in the UK, different salaries dominate at different seniorities but its C# that has the highest overall pay potential

At junior level, C# has the highest minimum salary of £45k ($55.7k), while C++ has the highest maximum salary of £65k. Python has the lowest minimum salary at just £35k a year. 

At mid level, C++ is at the top once more but it’s rivaled by Javascript and Typescript. They share both the highest minimum salary, £65k and the highest maximum salary, £90k.

At senior level, the two languages once again have the highest of each bracket but are now matched by Python as well. With these three…

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