What Is Glitch Art? And What Is It To Do With NFTs?


At first glance, they may look like someone made a mistake while rendering their digital art. Or worse still, you might think there’s something wrong with your device and that it failed to load the image. But make no mistake, what you are looking at is deliberate—welcome to the world of glitch art! Glitch art is becoming popular as a digital art form and has already made a splash in the NFT space.

So, what exactly is glitch art? In this guide, we will also explore glitch aesthetics, glitch art’s link to NFTs, famous glitch artists, and much more. So, let’s dive in!

XCOPY’s glitch NFT artworks are one of the most recognisable. Credit: XCOPY

What is Glitch Art Aesthetic?

Glitch art is a graphic art style that makes use of deliberate distortions for aesthetic purposes. Think of them as images, music, or videos that use glitches—technological errors—as a medium. Typically, artists either intentionally use glitches in their artwork or “accidentally” create them using code, without personally interfering in the creation process. However, glitch art should not…

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