Crypto Investment Trends That Will Define 2023: Report


Less than a month into the new year, the market is already showing sustainable signs of recovery, and the “creative destruction” that transpired could ultimately be a huge win not just for the consumer but also in terms of regulatory protections and rapid innovation, as well as lowered cost structures.

Despite the many ups and downs, crypto has become a serious player in the world economy. Investors are still pouring their portfolios into the asset class. According to OKX’s new report, here are the five key trends in crypto investment that will define the year ahead.

Ethereum Devs

The development in the Ethereum ecosystem has been consistently increasing. The completion of the Merge shifting from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake saw its energy consumption slash by 99%. To top that, several, several OP layer 2s are scaling the network.

Danksharding would be another turning point for Ethereum by boosting TPS to 100k+ after approaching the Shanghai Upgrades. The design will essentially pave the way for a vastly cheaper and quicker execution which will ensure…

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