How crypto turned Portugal into a promised land for entrepreneurs


The following is a guest post from Carlos Prada, CEO, and founder of Masterblox.

The crypto industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. It took less than four years for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to go from a niche industry to a global powerhouse able to move markets and shape regulation.

It’s safe to say that the opportunities that arose from this growth changed the world, but this change is most evident in places where economic growth stagnated. 

This is the case with Portugal, whose reputation as a sunny tourist haven was slowly overshadowed by its low wages and declining living standards. 

Despite being an EU member state and having sprawling natural resources, Portugal was long seen as Europe’s underdog. The country struggled to keep young people within its borders, as better wages and more welcoming regulations for businesses pushed them to migrate to neighboring countries.

Growing up in a small town outside Lisbon, I experienced this myself. Job opportunities were scarce, and young people struggled to find reasons to stay in a country that…

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