A deep dive into J Vega’s fantastical world of AI and generative art


American audiovisual artist J Vega creates fantastical visual art videos that blend the familiar with the strange, creating beautiful worlds that one immediately wishes to inhabit, or at least visit. However, the former may be too overwhelming for the human mind, as his fictional universe is constantly shifting and transforming; melding with itself in mind-bending ways. He tells STIR, “My work is driven by a desire to challenge perceptions and inspire curiosity. My art should feel like a dream, an astral projection, a visionary experience: something engaging and familiar yet inexplicable and full of hidden meaning and messages.”

Acceleration of Technological Innovation, 2022, video Video: J Vega; Courtesy of Wilderness Studio

Discussing visual elements in his art, the visual artist explains that he’s always loved the bright shamanic…

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