Bitcoin core developers encourage censorship on the blockchain after meme driven development

  • Ordinals protocol’s NFTs created by Casey Rodarmor are taking over blockspace on the Bitcoin blockchain encouraging conversations on “censorship.”
  • Bitcoin core developers Adam Back and Luke Dashjr recently spoke in favor of censoring  undesirable transactions using the new NFTs. 
  • BTC developers and believers weighed in on ‘inscriptions’, including 277 digital artifacts, and urged miners to censor transactions. 

Bitcoin core developers have critiqued “Ordinals protocol”, a type of NFT launched on the Ethereum mainnet, which recently spread to Bitcoin. BTC maximalists, who believe Bitcoin is a superior digital asset when compared to other cryptocurrencies, have recommended “censorship” of the new NFTs, known as ‘inscriptions´, on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

While Ethereum developers are working on making the ETH blockchain censorship-resistant, the BTC community, influencers and core developers are urging miners to censor “undesirable transactions” in inscriptions.

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